Character Creation Guidelines

Ability Score Generation

  • Use the generic set of ability scores (15,14,13,12,10,8)

  • Follow the rules under Customizing Ability Scores on pg.13 of the Player’s Handbook

Approved Races:

  • Dwarf (Non-Duergar)

  • Elf (Non-Drow)

  • Halfling

  • Human

  • Gnome

  • Half-Elf (Talk to me first)

Class Restrictions

  • Wizard Necromancy School is outlawed

Land of Origin
Characters must choose one of the following at character creation. This is used solely to determine the lands your character grew up in, and does not need to reflect a political affiliation.

  • House Lankshire

  • Blanche Theocracy

  • House Coryll

  • House Lyle

  • Tate Mercantile Federation

  • Imperial Province

  • Unclaimed Lands

Character Creation Guidelines

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