The Blanche Theocracy


Occupying the South Eastern territories for Ishmeria, the Blanche Theocracy is the religious heart of the land.

Founded by the first priest of the Twin Goddess Church, and presided over by the High Cleric’s Council, the Blanche Theocracy distinguishes itself from the other noble houses by being the only one that is directly ruled over by one of the five scions, Annamaria the Living Saint, who the church claims is a conduit for the will of the goddesses.

The Blanche Theocracy is also the only one of the noble houses that is granted unrestricted travel dispensation for members of the church, as they are responsible for the overseeing of all religious edifices in the land. This grants the Blanche Theocracy a large measure of political power, although they are careful how they use it.


  • Annamaria The Living Saint (5th Scion)
  • High Cleric Bartolomeo Blanche (Former Ruler of the Blanche Family)


  • While the Blanche Theocracy controls the largest amount of land, their holdings are also the least populated. The reason for this is that their land is comprised of a large swamp and marshland, and is unsuitable for farming.
  • The holy city of Amarant serves as the capital of the Blanche Theocracy, and is located deep within the Boghollow Swamp. It draws a large amount of pilgrims yearly, and is surprisingly prosperous given its location.
  • All members of the clergy in Ishmeria are trained by the Blanche Theocracy, and all churches across the land are ultimately run by the High Cleric’s Council, a fact that is grudgingly accepted by members of the other noble houses.

The Blanche Theocracy

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