House Coryll


Of all the houses none is more feared and despised than House Coryll, who controls the northwestern lands of Ishmeria.

Founded by a cousin of the first Emperor, the house quickly developed a reputation for intense political scheming and treachery. It is said that all who come to power in House Coryll do so by treading on the bones of those that were not strong or clever enough to survive the rise to power.

Despite being almost universally despised, however, most other houses are not eager to engage House Coryll in open warfare, as their soldiers border on the fanatical, and their tactics are cruel and without mercy. There are also rumors of a large spy network that has infiltrated agents into all of the other houses, and provides House Coryll with informational superiority.


  • Corvino Coryll (Lord of House Coryll)
  • Lady Svetlana Coryll (Half-Sister and Wife of Corvino Coryll)


  • Political intrigue and assassinations are the order of the day in the capital city of Corrin. It is expected for those that seek to climb the social ladder to do so by exploiting the weaknesses of those in a higher social position than themselves, something that has come to be known as the Great Game. There is only one rule, don’t get caught.
  • Despite the seeming lawlessness of the city, social order is strictly enforced within House Coryll’s territory. Crimes are swiftly and brutally punished, something that has led to an accused criminal opting to end their own life rather than face the scrutiny of the Keepers of Order, House Coryll’s inquisitors.
  • Information is a commodity more valuable than gold in the Coryll lands. However, care should be taken when providing damning information, as any use of it would induct the provider into the Great Game from which death is the only exit.

House Coryll

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