House Lankshire


House Lankshire occupies the Northeastern section of Ishmeria, and is known for its impressive military and just laws.

Founded by the first, and most loyal follower of Theodorus, the first high king, the Lankshire’s quickly established themselves as being masters of the battlefield. However, their military might is tempered by their devotion to the code of chivalry.

The house’s critics claim that the Lankshire’s are constantly bogged down by old traditions and archaic laws, and there is truth to their claims. However, their dedication to the restoration of the High King, and the protection of Ishmeria can never be called into question.


  • King Edward Lankshire (King)
  • Queen Bronwen Lankshire (Queen)


  • Ruled by a traditional monarchy. All titles and positions are inherited from the parents to the first born son or daughter. The only avenue for advancement lies with military service, wherein sufficient achievements will be rewarded with an advancement of both military and nobility ranks.
  • Military achievements and honorable conduct are the most important things within House Lankshire. Most of the nobility will display some form of medal or marking that denotes their rank and achievement on their person.
  • The most prestigious unit of the Lankshire army is the Wyrmgard. This unit is composed solely of heavy cavalry, and boasts a perfect service record.

House Lankshire

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