The Tate Mercantile Federation


Located on the large island of Margarites, the Tate Mercantile Federation is known for its tremendous wealth and impressive navy. It is also known for being the smallest and youngest of the 5 factions vying for placement of their scion on the throne of Ishmeria.

The Tate Mercantile Federation possesses the largest and best equipped navy of any of the five houses, and controls a vast majority of the ocean trade routes between port cities. However, because of their small size, they hold a shockingly small amount of holdings on the mainland. This enables the other factions a certain degree of leverage when negotiating treaties as any of the goods that are transported from the Tate Federation must eventually be transferred to land somewhere.


  • Ander Tate (Prime Chancellor)
  • Mangus Red-Beard (Dwarf Chancellor)
  • Anne Gadfellow (Halfling Chancellor)


  • The Tate Federation is ruled over by the Council of Ten, which is made up of the ten wealthiest individuals on Margarites, with the wealthiest serving as prime chancellor of the council. These positions are reevaluated every 2 years, however it is uncommon that more than one or two of the councilors are ousted during each cycle.
  • Wealth is the single most important thing in the Tate Mercantile Federation as it is the key to status. All people are measured by their display of material possessions or other displays of extravagance. A person’s attire provides a very rough way to determine their status, with wealthier individuals being able to afford more elaborate cuts or materials.
  • Unlike most of the other houses, dwarves and halflings quite a number of positions of influence within the house, with some even serving on the Council of Ten. This is due in a large part to dwarves being hailed as master seamen due to their inherent balance, and the trading acumen displayed by halflings.

The Tate Mercantile Federation

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